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About Azimuth

"The Pilots now their Azimuth attend,
On which all Courses, duly formed, depend..."
— William Falconer

Azimuth is a boutique consultancy located in Arlington, Virginia, providing services to businesses, investors, and nonprofits throughout the greater Washington, DC metropolitan region. We help enterprises navigate moments of transformation.

The word "Azimuth" is rooted in an ancient term meaning "direction." Our logo is a compass. Sailors, aviators, soldiers, and astronomers have long used the word to communicate the most fundamental element of control involved with steering a ship, pointing an instrument, or directing fire.

We understand that in the effort to achieve any important objective, direction is necessary, but not sufficient. Alignment is required. It is at this deeper level of alignment where we help our clients unlock tremendous value—aligning strategy, technology, processes, and systems to navigate growth, turnarounds, and capital events.

Azimuth principals have decades of C-level leadership and management experience, along with a unique blend of skills in financial and operational management, strategy, technology, and business intelligence.

We are proud to be a service disabled veteran owned small business.


Azimuth supports small- and medium-sized businesses, investors, and nonprofits. Our typical engagement is driven by some transformational event in the life of the business: high growth; a turnaround; preparation for sale or external financing; or performing due diligence on, or integration of, an acquisition target. These events—typically intense, of fixed duration, and closely tied to existential factors—provide a context in which our unique skillsets can most effectively support and enhance business value.

Our work primarily deals with the internal elements of client organizations. We build infrastructure. We design processes. We illuminate risks and opportunities by developing metrics and reporting systems. We help our clients grow, improve, and transform.

Since we focus on core business processes and systems that are common to most organizations, we are industry agnostic. However, we do have significant expertise in government contracting, real estate, and business services. Click on one of the icons below to learn more about some of our capabilities.

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